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The Skully Fenix AR Helmet's Features Are Impressive 

 The Skully Fenix AR helmet has features that make it one of the best motorcycling helmets on the market according to several reviews. This helmet created the idea of intergrading camera technology into a helmet. This gives users a 180-degree view letting them see so much more. It makes the safety of the helmet far superior to others helmets on the market. The built-in technology lets you have a hands-free experience with your smartphone's GPS navigation system. This technology makes it easier to navigate with directions being given to you through the internal speakers. Even having Siri interaction capabilities is going to allow you to have a much better experience using your smartphone while remaining safe on the road.

The Skully Fenix AR helmet has a built-in speaker that integrates seamlessly with smartphones. The system in the helmet has an internal battery that can power the helmet up to four hours between charges. Plus charging is made simple with the micro-USB port.

The design of the helmet is created to fit snugly on many different head shapes. The strap buckle is quick-release, making it very simple to remove quickly and effortlessly. The lining of the helmet is made from a material designed by NASA for space. The material allows for heat to be absorbed, keeping you cool and comfortable. The helmet is designed to keep you from sweating, as it controls the comfort of your head. Thereby, keep it refreshed and cool.

When considering helmets for motorcycling, the Skully Fenix AR helmet should be at the top of everyone's list. The far superior features make it noticeable. The high level of tech included in the helmet is going to keep riders safer than other helmets would.  

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